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Ordering Mellis School Uniform

All pupils are expected to be in Mellis School uniform. Please see below for the policy on uniform requirements for both normal day to day uniform and for PE, and also for expectations on general appearance.


PMG Schoolwear

Mellis School Uniform can be sourced by visiting the website below. Uniform can either be sent to direct to your home address or delivered to school. 



Mellis School Pre-Loved Uniform Shop!

Mellis School recognises that cost of uniform can sometimes be an issue. Most of the required Mellis School uniform can be sourced from a range of suppliers and shops. For Mellis School branded uniform (the purple stuff!) the Mellis School Parents' Association run a super Pre-Loved Uniform shop with an extensive range of School Logo items - polo shirts, cardigans, fleeces and PE tops for all ages.

Please see a link below to see what is available and to place an order.

All logo items are ready to sell and can normally be delivered the same/next day depending on when the order is placed. 



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