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Recent Consultations within the School Community

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Mellis tries hard to seek feedback as to its provision as a school. Please see below brief summaries of recent consultations with different stakeholders. Please also note that the original responses to these consultations are held on file for reference.

May 2018 - Year 1 Phonics Evening Evaluation

Every year the School aims to support parents with the Year 1 Phonics Check. Participants in this year's evening presentation gave an extremely positive response, and as a result we will continue with this format next year. To see a short report on this presentation, please click here.

March 2018 - Parent's Evening Evaluation

Every year, the School seeks commentary on the format and information given at the annual Parent's Evenings for Years 1-6. Evaluations this year show a very high degree of positive response on the time and  information given for each child. Please click here for an evaluation of each class' parents' evenings.

December 2017 - EYFS Parent perception survey - evaluation.

The School is now in its second year of a 'child centred' approach to EYFS in line with current best practice. The School has altered the approach taken to transition arrangements, and wished to gauge perceptions of this  so as to as to inform future development of the EYFS curriculum and to aid the School's Self Evaluation of EYFS. The response has been again very positive. Please click here for a short report on the basis of this survey. As a result of this survey, we will continued to embed the approach established over the last two years, and to reflect on the staggered two week approach to the first two weeks of term at Reception.

November 2017 - Year 6 Cake and SATs evening - report

We ran our second Cake and SATs evening for Year 6 children and parents so that they could work together on the style of exams the Year 6 children will take in May. We ran this earlier in the academic year following comments from last year, and again the event again seemed to go down very well. As indeed did the cake, apparently!

Please click here to see a summary report.


September 2017 - Key Stakeholder Survey Outcomes

The School recently completed a full survey with all stakeholders (Pupils, Parents, Staff and Governors) using the Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust's School Effectiveness + evaluation tool. This collates all the responses and gives a score from 0.0 (very poor) to 3.0 (extremely good).

Please see below a table with the overall average score from each of the stakeholders.


Learners Teaching People        Management Business Management Leadership Governance
Pupils 2.4 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Parents 2.54 2.49 2.77 2.57 2.56 2.50
Governors 2.82 2.67 2.67 2.87 2.76 2.74
Staff 2.56 2.48 2.54 2.41 2.47 2.46

The School believes this to be a highly encouraging set of results. In order to improve these further, the following areas will be incorporated into School Development plans over the year.

1) Parents: Governors will look to improve direct communication with the Parent body to ensure parents are kept fully informed as to how the Governors contribute to the overall running of the School

2) Pupils: increasing opportunities for collaborative learning

3) Staff: increasing awareness of how finances are deployed to support outcomes for pupils and staff

February 2017 - Online Safety Presentation to Parents - Parent Perception Survey Evaluation

The School has recently carried out its traditional Online Safety Presentation to parents. Please click here to see the letter sent to all parents, briefing them on the outcomes of the recent Online Safety survey carried out with the children of the School, and here for the evaluation/next steps arising from the actual presentation itself. The School is pleased to note a very high levels of satisfaction with the presentation, but is cognisant of the need to get the Online Safety message across to all the parent stakeholders in the School. Please see the evaluation report for what the School plans to do in this regard.

February 2017 - Parents' Evening perception survey - evaluation.

The School has altered its approach to Parents' Evenings in recent years, and the School wished to ensure that this was still meeting parental needs. The School was very pleased to note high levels of satisfaction with its format. Please click here for a short evaluation report and next steps for the School; please click here for a copy of the original evaluation form.


February 2017 - Cake and SATs Evening for Year 6 - evaluation

Following an observation from the Year 6 Assessment Evening in November, the School held its first 'Cake and SATs' Evening for the parents and children of Year 6. Suitably bribed with homemade cake, the School worked with parents to show them the format of the Year 6 tests, and how the School supports the children.

Comments from parents were very favourable, and as a result the School will repeat the evening next year, making it slightly earlier in the term. Please click here to see the survey and the evaluation.


December 2016 - EYFS Parent perception survey - evaluation.

The School has this year introduced a 'child centred' approach to EYFS in line with current best practice. The School wished to gauge parental perceptions of this approach toward the end of the first term, so as to as to inform future development of the EYFS curriculum and to aid the School's Self Evaluation of EYFS. The response has been again very positive. Please click here for a short report on the basis of this survey.


December 2016 - Year 6 Assessment Evening for Parents - evaluation.

The School regularly has assessment meetings for parents every Autumn term. This is the second year after the introduction of the new style assessment approach at Year 6. Please click here to review the evaluation questions and positive parental response, and what the School is doing moving forward.


December 2016 - Year 2 Assessment Evening for Parents - evaluation.

The School regularly has assessment meetings for parents every Autumn term. This is the second year after the introduction of the new assessment approach at Year 2. Please click here to review the evaluation questions and very positive parental response.


November 2016 - Year 5 Aylmerton Residential Camp Briefing for Parents - evaluation.

The School gave its annual briefing to Year 5 parents concerning the Year 6 residential camp. This was well received, as can be seen by clicking here for the evaluation of the perception survey. This year saw a departure from the normal format, where the School's Head Girl and Head Boy gave their views to the assembled audience - a fact that was also subject to very positive commentary.


September 2016 - EYFS Transition Parent Perception Survey - evaluation.

The School conducted a parent perception survey in September, to gauge responses to the School's transition programme for Reception children and parents prior to and after the start of term. The survey was extremely positive, and indicates high levels of satisfaction as to the School's approach in this regard. Please click here to view the evaluation questions and the parental response.


December 2015 - Year 2 Assessment Evening for Parents - evaluation.

The School regularly has assessment meetings for parents every Autumn term. As this was the first year that Year 2 have been taught under the new curriculum and under the new set of expectations/new assessment system, this was considered particularly important. Please click here to review the evaluation questions and very positive parental response.


November 2015 - School Uniform Survey

In Autumn 2015, the School undertook a review of School uniform, and asked for parent and pupil opinions on the subject. The report back to parents with data and commentary is can be seen by clicking here. Please note that the original survey is embedded within this report.


November 2015 - Pupil Online Gaming and App Survey

In November 2015, as part of its ongoing Online Safety programme, the School undertook a survey of Online Gaming habits amongst the pupils of the School.

Analysis of the results show an exponential rise in the range and types of ways children accessed the Internet at home, and in particular the huge rise in the use of online games and apps, particularly social networking sites. The age at which children were reporting using these games and apps has also shown a significant decrease since the last such survey.

The results of this survey were communicated to parents during the School's recent Online Safety presentation to parents, and also via a letter to the wider parent community. Please click here to read this.

The Online Safety parents' evening was also subject to evaluation by attendees. Please click here for the original evaluation form, and here for the results and follow-up action plan.


July 2015 - Mellis Parent Survey and New Parent Survey

In July 2015, the School put out a general perception survey to existing parents, and a survey for new parents of children starting in September 2015. The Children of the School were also being consulted through a 'Two Stars and a Wish' survey. The results for each survey can be found by clicking on the links below.

Parents' Survey July 2015 - results

New Parents' Survey July 2015 - results

Children's Survey July 2015 - results

The School emailed these to parents via email in September 2015, along with a covering letter giving a summary of the areas that the School would be looking at as a result.

The Children of the School also received a letter from the Headmaster responding to the likes and concerns that they identified in their Two Stars and a Wish survey.

Mellis School's New Format of Parent's Evenings: Survey Report

In 2014, the school undertook a survey of parents' opinions concerning the style and format of parents' evenings. As as a result, the school made several changes, including extended time for each interview and an increased number of evenings. A survey was undertaken to monitor the impact of these changes; these appear to have been very well received. To read a brief analysis please click here.

Mellis School's New Assessment Procedures: A response to the Parents' Briefing

With the removal of 'Levels' for assessment, schools are being tasked to bring in their own procedures and protocols for this hugely important element of teaching. The school held a Parents' Briefing on the subject in February 2015, and a survey was included. A copy of this survey, and an analysis of the results, can be read by clicking here.

Mellis School and the Looked After Child - a Parental Perspective

Mellis School has several Looked After Children on its roll. The parents and carers were asked for their opinions as to how they felt the School responded to the needs of their children. The original survey can be accessed here, and the results can be seen here.

Sports Survey of Mellis Pupils - *ongoing*

As part of its ongoing evaluations of sport provision within school, a survey is currently being carried out to assess the pupils' opinions and views of afterschool sports clubs. This will be the subject of a report in due course.

Autumn 2014 'Spiritual Survey' by Foundation Governors

As part of their remit, the Foundation Governors have been surveying the Pupils, Staff and Parents with regard to attitudes to the spiritual and moral provision of the school. Please read the Executive Summary of the Spiritual Survey of the school by clicking here. The school wishes to thank all the Foundation Governors for their efforts with this, but in particular Mr Darrel Charles, who has analysed the responses and written the summaries.


'Welcome to the Class' Meetings September 2014

Each September, Class teachers hold meetings with parents to introduce themselves, and to brief parents on class routines and expectations. We took the opportunity too survey opinions on these, and we are pleased to note a very positive response across the board. Many parents took the opportunity to write additional comments on the survey forms which indicate that such meetings are valued. To see an example form, please click here.

Year 2 and Year 6 Assessment Meetings November 2014 - Parent Feedback

Each academic year, Mellis holds Assessment Meetings for parents in Years 2-6. These aim to explain to parents what the expectations are for each year, and what can be done to support children at home.

Year 2 and Year 6 are the only remaining year groups to be taught under the old 'Levels' system, and have therefore had their Assessment meetings as normal within the Autumn term. As Year 3/4/5 are being taught under the new curriculum and new assessment protocols, their Assessment meeting will be in January when the School's New Assessment Protocols will be finalised.

In the meantime, surveys taken directly after the Assessment meetings in Year 2 and 6 had a 55% and 64% response rate respectively, with all responses being 'agree' or 'strongly agree'. Please click here to see a typical survey form.Similar surveys will be carried out in January for Year 3, 4, and 5.



June 2014 Consultation on the future of the Year 6 Residential Camp.

Parents were asked their opinions on the value of the traditional week long Residential camp to North Norfolk, conducted along with the rest of the Pyramid. 15 responses were received, unanimously in favour of continuing with it. The school has since moved to keep it going within the Pyramid, and has taken on the responsibility of managing the project next year.


Spring 2014 Survey on Parents' Evenings

The opportunity was taken this year to survey parental opinions on how we conduct parents' evenings. Please click here for an example of the survey, and here for a summary analysis of the results.

While generally positive, it is clear that parents would appreciate additional time to discuss their child with thei teacher. We will therefore be increasing the length of meetings from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, and spreading the meetings over three nights rather than two to minimise the impact of time overruns and to make it easier for parents of larger families to schedule appointments.


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