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The School Council

Mellis has an active School Council giving the pupils a "voice" within the school. Please click here to see the Mellis Pupil Voice policy.

Pupils are elected by their class to be a member of the council. Regular meetings are held where discussions take place, children's views and opinions are sought.

The council set themelves targets of things that they would like to achieve within the school. During the year they then work towards achieving these targets.

Recent Achievements and Current Aims.



On the School Council we have people who have a range of skills such as..........

A good Listener.
Good ideas
Our Councillors this year are from Year 1 to Year 6. Violet, Rory, Imogen, Alfie, Annabel, Edward, Freddie, Amber, Florence, Nathan, Oli and Lily.

Spring Term 2017

Our Targets for the Spring term.

  • To design and plan for a hide in the quiet area.
  • To work with House Captains and Sports Captains to introduce inter-house competitions.
  • To look into reward systems for Literacy and Numeracy and a whole class reward system for behaviour.
  • To find out about using a bell to signal the end of lessons.
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Autumn Term 2016

—To look at how to use the quiet area as a quiet area and looking creating a permanent hide. A meeting has taken place with Mr Ryle and it was decided that the existing shed in the quiet area can be used as a hide, this target is continuing this term.
—To work with House Captains and Sports Captains to introduce inter-house competitions. This was a idea that was liked by the school and so it is going to be taken further to see if a competition can be put into place for the summer term.
—To introduce a School Newspaper, where each class produces a page to show what they have been doing over the term .It was an  idea that was liked and it was thought practical, however it needs more than the School Council to actually get it up and running.
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