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Mellis School Council

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The School Council

Mellis has an active School Council giving the pupils a "voice" within the school. Please click here to see the Mellis Pupil Voice policy.

Pupils are elected by their class to be a member of the council. Regular meetings are held where discussions take place, children's views and opinions are sought.

The council set themelves targets of things that they would like to achieve within the school. During the year they then work towards achieving these targets.

Current Aims.



On the School Council we have people who have a range of skills such as..........

A good Listener.
Good ideas
Our Councillors last year were (from Year 6 to Year 1). Harry, Sophie, Michael, Jasmine, Paige, Samuel, Seren, Riley, Jack, Nia, Emilia and Stefan. Many thanks for all their work!
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Autumn Term 2018

We'll post our targets for the Autumn Term in September!
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