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Online learning in the event of school closure

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Live Online Lessons

Following the upgrading of the School's broadband width following connection to fibre, the School was able to offer blended learning using a combination of live interaction sessions (two per class per week), recorded lesson introductions (via the Learning Platform) and whole school collective worship.

This blend sought to make the best possible provision given the very different circumstances families find themselves in with regard to work partterns, number and type of devices, broadband access and so on. It is the model that the School will use in the event of any further school or class closures.

The Learning Platform

During the initial lockdown, Mellis School successfully used the School's Learning Platform to allow all pupils access to class specific learning and social interactions with their peers.

All pupils have assigned usernames and passwords, which can be used via the log-in at the bottom right of the School website. Please contact the School directly for these usernames/passwords if necessary.

Once logged in, children and parents can:

1) Access their class page, whole class blogs/forums and whole school community pages

2) Access daily year group specific English, Maths and Foundation subject tasks and to submit their work digitally - note that EYFS will provide content appropriate to this year group.

3) Receive feedback from teachers and TAs

4) Use the Learning Platform to email classmates, create blogs and forum discussions with their peers, and to upload videos/work to these.


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