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‘Science is how we try to improve our knowledge and understanding of the universe.’

'Science is simply common sense at its best.'

Edward Teller.

Overview of the teaching and learning of Science


Our Science curriculum is designed to motivate and engage pupils, for them to learn about the three disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.

Practical Science lessons are essential. Through practical science, children learn about Science in the real world and the skills learnt will apply in a range of areas of their learning.


  • Children will be taught key scientific skills during each topic.
  • Children will have regular opportunities to generate their own scientific questions and then lead their own scientific enquiries.
  • Children will learn recording methods e.g. graphs, pie charts during maths lessons which can then be applied during science.
  • Key scientific vocabulary will be introduced, re-visited and extended as children progress through the year groups.
  • Teachers are encouraged to provide a range of stimuli and experiences, ‘hooks’ to get children thinking about Science and it’s place in the wider world.
  • Topics will be chosen carefully to ensure that the children have opportunities to develop their scientific skills alongside gaining the knowledge required.
  • When topic areas are repeated in subsequent year groups, teachers ensure they know the children’s starting points and approach the topic from a different angle. 
  • To use opportunities for linking Science to other subjects – in particular technology and maths.


Children will leave Mellis School with an enthusiasm towards Scientific enquiry and learning. They will have a broad range of knowledge across the Science curriculum. They will have developed the key Scientific skills of asking questions, performing tests, planning and setting up different types of enquiry and using equipment.  They will also have developed the specific practical and transferable cross-curricular skills of observing and measuring, identifying and classifying gathering and recording data and reporting and presenting ideas.  



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