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Governance of the School

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Governor Attendance (Sept 2015 onward)

All meetings fully attended unless apologies noted.

Full Governing Body Meetings

10th September 2015 - apologies Mr Kevin Bix and Mrs Nicky Medwell.

19th November 2015 - apologies Mr Gordon Clark.

14th January 2016 - no apologies

4th February 2016 (extraordinary meeting ref. Academisation) - no apologies

28th April 2016 - no apologies

16th June 2016 - no apologies

22nd September 2016 - apologies Mr Chris Aldous and Mrs Kelly Floyd

17th November 2016 - no apologies

19th January 2017 - apologies Mrs Jo Pitt (abroad)

16th March 2017 - no apologies noted

5th May 2017 - no apologies noted

22nd June 2017 - no apologies noted (n.b. first meeting post academisation)

16th November 2017 - no apologies noted



10th September 2015 - no apologies noted

16th November 2015 - no apologies noted

8th February 2016 - apologies Rev. Julia Lall

13th June 2016 - no apologies noted

12th September - no apologies noted

8th November - apologies Mrs Jo Pitt (abroad)

12th January 2017 - apologies Mrs Jo Pitt (abroad)

30th March 2017 - no apologies noted

28th April 2017 - no apologies noted

Learning and Achievement

31st October 2015 - apologies Mrs Kelly Floyd (maternity leave!)

12th May 2016 - no apologies noted

14th July 2016 - no apologies noted

11th October 2016 - apologies Mr Gordon Clark

31st January 2017 - no apologies noted

9th May 2017 - apologies Sarah Partridge

11th July 2017 - no apologies noted

Finances (HSW) Committee

19th October - no apologies noted

20th January 2016 - no apologies noted

15th March 2016 - no apologies noted

19th May 2016 - no apologies noted

31st October 2016 - no apologies noted

6th February - apologies Mr Gordon Clark

15th March 2017 - 'virtual' meeting held

22nd May 2017 - no apologies

Personnel and HT review

16th September 2017 (HT review) - no apologies noted

Recent Full Governor Meeting Minutes

St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan MAT Documentation

Governor Pecuniary Interests

Register of Governor Pecuniary Interest (September 2016)

Mr Chris Aldous (Chair) - nil return

Mrs Jo Pitt (Vice Chair) - nil return

Mrs Nicky Medwell - nill return

Mr Darrell Charles - nil return

Mrs Sarah Partridge - nil return

Mr David White - nil return

Mr Gordon Clarke - Wife works as peripatetic music teacher one morning per week, and wife is also Chair of Mellis School Parent Association.

Mr Paul Ryle (Headmaster) - nil return

Mrs Kelly Floyd (Deputy Head) - nil return

Recent Retirements from the Governing Body

Mr Richard Cattermole (Headteacher) (July 2014)

Mr Ben Box (July 2014)

Mrs Claire Moore (September 2014)

Mr Kevin Bix (November 2015)

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