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Governance of the School

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Governor Attendance

2023-2024 Governing Body Meetings

Full Governing Body Meeting September 26th 2023

Full Governing Body Meeting November 21st 2023

Finance Governors Meeting September 21st 2023 

Foundation Governor Meeting September 28th 2023

Headteacher Performance Management November 13th 2023

Safeguarding Governor Meeting November 13th 2023


Full Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2023-2024

Name Meetings attended Out of a possible to date...
Jo Pitt 2 2
Sarah Partridge 2 2
Paul Ryle 2 2
Kelly Floyd 1 2
Nicky Medwell 2 2
Jane Albery  2 2
Sarah Yaxley 2 2
James Gordon 2 2
Peter Eason 1 2
Chris Aldous 2 2

2022-2023 Governing Body Meetings

FGB 20th September 2022 (clerked)

FGB 29TH September 2022 (unclerked)

FGB 24TH January 2023 (clerked)

FGB 21ST March 2023 (unclerked)

FGB 23RD May 2023 (clerked)





Recent Full Governor Meeting Minutes

St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan MAT Documentation

For details relating to MAT governance, please follow this link to the St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan MAT.

Governor Pecuniary Interests

Register of Governor Pecuniary Interest 

Mr Chris Aldous (Chair) - nil return

Mrs Jo Pitt (Vice Chair) - nil return

Mrs Nicky Medwell - nill return

Mrs Sarah Partridge - nil return

Mr Peter Eason - nil return

Mrs Jane Albery - nil return

Mr Alastair Cameron - nil return

Mr Paul Ryle (Headmaster) - nil return

Mrs Kelly Floyd (Deputy Head) - nil return

Staff Salaries

The School notes that no employees received a gross salary/benefits that exceeded £100,000 in the previous academic year ending 31st August 2023.

Staff Union Officials

We have no staff who are union officials and need to take time off work to carry out their union work

Recent Retirements from the Governing Body

Mr Alistair Cameron left the GB July 2023.

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