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Pastoral Care and Non Academic Policies

Policy List.

The School has a wide range of policies concerning wider Pastoral Care and various non-academic policies.Please click on these links below to view these.

+++ Please note that post academisation in Summer 2017 the School is currently reviewing and adopting a range of policies from the St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust that will replace some of those listed below. These will be added as soon as they have been adopted by the Governing Body. +++

Asthma Policy (review 2018)

Educational Trip Policy (review 2017)

Health and Safety Policy 2017 (review March 2018)

Bullying Policy (review 2017)

Collective Worship Policy (review post academisation)

Exclusion Policy (review 2018)

Behaviour Policy (review 2019)

Uniform and Appearance Policy (review April 2019)

Disability Policy (review May 2018)

Charges and Remissions Policy (review April 2019)

Accessibility Action Plan (review 2020)

Freedom of Information Policy (review Sept 2018)

Health and Safety Policy (review Sept 2017)

Gifts and Hospitality Policy (review Nov 2017)

Child Security Policy

Transportation of Children

Transportation of Children Risk Assessment Form

Educational Trip Risk Assessment Form

Transportation of Children Parental Confirmation Form

School Entrance and Vehicular Movements 

Swimming Risk Assessment

School Site Risk Assessments

School Policy with regard to Snow

Critical Incident Policy

Collection from School Policy

Nuts in Schools - Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom of Information (Suffolk LA)






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