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Expressing ideas or feelings!

'Art is not what you see - but what you make others see.'

Edgar Degas.


Overview of the teaching and learning of Art at Mellis CE Primary School



Our art curriculum (based on the best practice model of the Suffolk Scheme of Art) is designed to equip children with a broad and varied knowledge of different artists and media. It will equip them with the vocabulary to discuss and respond to a diverse range of art, and the physical skills to express their ideas and interpretations using a wide variety of media. Throughout the art curriculum Interpretation, technique and the Artist will be common threads to be explored  so as to build verbal and practical skill sets, as well as ‘cultural capital’*.



  • Children should be taught the range of art skills as contained within the Suffolk Scheme of Art, specifically drawing, painting, collage, 3d sculpture, textiles and printing
  • Key vocabulary will be explained at the start of each topic, revised and developed as the children progress through the year groups and art topics
  • Children’s cultural literacy will be developed by explicit exposure to a wide range of art styles and movements, and artists and their traditions. Where possible this should include actual visits to galleries or if not possible, virtual tours of an artist’s work
  • Children will be taught about a diverse range of artists/art styles from different time periods and cultures, placed into historical and geographical context
  • Authentic and enriching connections to other subjects will be considered and identified. Opportunities for ‘dovetailing’ of art with subjects such as (but not limited to) history, RE, geography, writing etc should be taken so that naturally complementary areas of the curriculum are being taught concurrently
  • Children will have the opportunity to experience collaborative work, for example via the School's regular participation in Cathedral art projects


By the end of their time at Mellis, children will have accumulated knowledge such that help them make sense of different artists and artworks. They will develop their practical skillsets by having experience of using a wide variety of artistic media/materials. They will also have a range of vocabulary to be able to discuss both their own art and that of others.


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