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The Mellis Eco-Club!


A recent presentation to the School about plastic pollution in the oceans - and some associated art work!

Supporting the RSPB Birdwatch 2023!

Eco-Club has been hard at work making and installing these rather nifty environmentally friendly bird feeders!

The Big Litter Pick 2023!


What we do!

The Eco-Club Code!

At Mellis, we aim to help the environment by following these steps:

Make sure you put litter in the bin.

Put plastic, paper and food in the correct bin.

Reuse plastic as much as you can.

Eat all leftover food and don’t waste it.

Turn off lights when not needed.

Look after wildlife habitats on the school field.

Eco-Club seeks to raise awareness of the importance of eco-issues, and how we can all do our bit!

The pictures below show the litter pick-up around school carried out by Eco-Club members - amazing how much gets left behind!

Eco-Club 2023-24!

An ecological Christmas!

Christmas Eco Top Tips: 

- Not use glitter in cards or decorations.

- Recycle wrapping paper or re-use for another present. 

- Re-use Christmas cards for decorations. 

- Try to buy your Christmas veg without any plastic on it. 

- Think carefully how long your Christmas lights are on for. Putting them on a timer helps you know they will turn off! 

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