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MSPA project: An Outdoors Classroom!

Ta Dah! All done!

Here it is, going up!

Here's our pagoda going up!

A post-Covid Legacy project

The Mellis School Parents' Association has launched an exciting project to provide the School with an outside classroom.

With the drive to get outside as much as possible, and to provide a physical marker of optimism and that crucial sense of moving forward from the difficult time that all have experienced recently, we are very excited to be puttig this in place in early September.

This has been made possible by the fantastic fundraising efforts of the MSPA and the Parent Body of the School, and also by several extremely generous donations by two local companies run by parents and ex-parents of the School, another from Persimmon Homes and finally from the local Parish Council.

Safe and Sound Hygiene and Pest Control Services, who provide full-spectrum pest control have been very kind to donate £1000 toward the project.


Another local company, Tresidor Investment Management has been very generous to donate £5000 from their community fund.

Mellis Parish Council has also very kindly donated £1000.

The MSPA have launched a 'justgiving' campaign which can be found by clicking on this link.


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