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Design Technology


'Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.'

Steve Jobs.

Mellis Primary School DT Vision Statement


Design and technology is an inspiring, demanding and practical subject. It is a subject that children can gain life skills through as they learn to innovate, solve problems and. DT can involve trial and error and it is through this that children can appreciate that although they may not get things right the first time, with perseverance and courage to continue, they can meet their goals. DT draws on cross curricular skills and children can use skills from mathematics, art, science, engineering and computing.  Learning through DT can inspire children now and in the future to become innovators.


Children are encouraged to go through the sequence of learning in DT by considering products that have already been created by others and then using this to inspire their own product making or to improve products they have already made.

They have the opportunity to practice skills in DT by using different tools, techniques and materials before a final product design

DT involves careful planning and consideration and then the construction of their own products. Children are encouraged to lead their own learning and to use their initiative.Finally, children have the opportunity to evaluate their work and celebrate their successes and consider how they could improve the product for future endeavours.Children will also through DT learn about nutrition and learn vital and important early cooking and food preparation skills.


Through DT children gain important life skills and are encouraged to be creative and inventive. DT should be an inspiring subject for the children at Mellis and it is a subject rich in its cross curricular links. Children will be highly motivated to work hard to create their products and encouraged to take pride in both their own and peers achievements.


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