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The Mellis Staff.

Mr P RyleMrs K Floyd 

Mr Paul Ryle, Headteacher


Responsibilities (other than HT): Art, ICT, Collective Worship, Alternative Designated Lead Professional for Safeguarding.

Mrs Kelly Floyd, Deputy Headteacher

Responsibilities: Deputy Head, English, Assessment

Mrs S McLean 

Administration Staff

Mrs Sarah McLean (School Bursar)


Mrs J Shawsw 

Starlings Class (Reception)

Mrs Jessica Shaw (Senior Teacher Mon-Wed)

Responsibilities: SEND Coordinator, EYFS, 

Mrs Sarah Weller (T.A.)

Mrs C Bates(1)Mrs J Moore 

Owls Class (Year 1)

Mrs Caroline Bates 

Responsibilities: Reading Lead, Science

Mrs Jodie Moore (T.A.)




Miss N Frostta3smrsjarmstrong(2)ta2s 

Woodpecker Class (Year 2)

Miss Megan Frost

Responsibilities: Geography

Mrs Lizzie Philips (T.A.) mornings

Mrs Jane Armstrong (T.A.) afternoons

Mrs Jane Scates (T.A.) pupil support


Mrs W Wyncollta1s 

Magpies Class (Year 3)

Mrs Wendy Wyncoll

Responsibilities: RE and Design Tech

Mrs Laura Tunmer (T.A.)


Miss E BlackMrs J Armstrong(1) 

Robin Class (Year 4)

Miss Emily Black (ECT)

Responsibilities: French

Mrs Jane Armstrong (T.A.)

Mrs C MortlockMrs J Jones 

Kingfishers Class (Year 5)

Mrs Claire Mortlock (Senior Teacher)

Responsibilities: PHSE, TA Performance Management, Designated Lead Professional for Safeguarding.

Mrs Jane Jones (T.A.)


Mrs N KaufmanMrs K Floyd(1)Mrs H Soper 

Peacock Class (Year 6)

Mrs Natalie Kaufman (Senior Teacher) Wednesday - Friday

Responsibilities: Upper School Coordinator, Maths, PE

Mrs Kelly Floyd (Deputy Head) Monday - Wednesday

Responsibilities: Deputy Head, English, Assessment

Mrs Helen Soper (HLTA)


Mr L Caulder 

Sports Department

Mr Ian Caulder

Responsibilities: Sports Instructor

Mrs J Luckett 

Music Department


Mrs Jaqui Luckett

Responsibilities: One to One Music Instructor


Supply Cover

Mr Richard Cattermole (ex-Head of Mellis CE Primary)

Mrs A TuddenhamRosie AtkinDawn Leader 

Kitchen Staff and Mid Day Supervision

Mrs Angela Tuddenham (Head Cook)

Mrs Rosie Atkin (Kitchen Assistant)

Mrs Dawn Leeder (Midday Supervisor)



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