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The Governing Body

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The Governing Body of Mellis CE Primary School.

Welcome to the Governing Body of Mellis CE Primary School. We are very proud of the standard and breadth of educational provision here, and we are fortunate to have a team of enthusiastic, experienced and caring staff who work hard to give every child here the best possible start to their education.

The governors and teachers value the involvement of parents in the wider life of the school, from the educational to the practical. Indeed, parental involvement is one of the aspects of Mellis School that we think make it the special place that it is, and which contributes to developing the parent/teacher/pupil relationship that is so important in helping children reach their potential.

We hope that your family will enjoy a long and positive relationship with the school and the Mellis School Governing Body.

For further details of the Governors wiithin the School, please scroll further down the page. Please also click here to go to the page on the School website with further details on Governance arrangements, including terms of offfice, meeting minutes and pecuniary interests.

To contact the Chair of Governors Mrs Jo Pitt, please use the email address


Finally, please click here to go to the Ipswich and St Edmundsbury Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust's website for further information on Governance Arrangements with the multi-academy trust.


The Governors


Mrs Jo Pitt ( Chair of Governors and Foundation Governor)

I was born and grew up in London and married an RAF officer 50 years ago (1970). We have two great sons, two wonderful daughters in law and four fabulous grandchildren (now teenagers).We moved about quite a bit but came back to this area regularly. Our first house and our sons first school was in Stanton. We moved back to Suffolk in 2005 when my husband retired. I carried on working in London for a few years more as Deputy Head of a Parliamentary department My background is in management, printing and contract negotiation. Since returning to the area I have spent 4 years as a Church Warden and 6 years running a Youth Club. I used to help run Café Church and spent about 6 years doing the monthly artwork for the Messenger. I still help my husband with the distribution of the Messenger and write the occasional article. I am still trying to learn to play the piano and I am also working on drawing/painting skills.

Term of Office: June 2023

Committee memberships: Foundation Committee, Personnel and Headteacher Performance Committee, Headteacher Performance Review and Named Governor for Safeguarding



Mrs Sarah Partridge Foundation Governor, Vice Chair of Governors

Since their blind date in 2004, Sarah has introduced her husband Christiaan to motor biking, MultiYork and D.I.Y. Christiaan now uses the former to escape from the latter two. Sarah used to enjoy art, pyrography and fell walking. Since they have had children, Sarah tends to repaint the walls, tries to stop things from burning and runs around after their children; Emily (born 2008) and Adam (born 2010). The family also includes a wayward and selectively deaf dog who has on one occasion demanded admittance to the school, two hours after Sarah last saw him in pursuit of some bored looking deer. Apart from family life and searching for her dog, Sarah continues to work as a Mental Health Social Worker in a local community team; from which she has learnt that perfectionism is really bad for you (great excuse!) and always keep change in your car for car parks.

Term of Office: June 2023

Committe memberships: Learning and Achievement Committee, EYFS Governor, Foundation Governor Committee


Mr Chris Aldous Co-opted Governor)

Chris joined the Governing Body in Autumn 2014, following his retirement as Deputy Head of Hartismere High School. 

Term of Office: June 2023

Committe memberships: Learning and Achievement Committee, Chair of Personnel and Headteacher Performance Review. He is also Link Governor to the High School.


Mrs Nicky Medwell (Co-opted Governor)

Nicky is a director of a precision engineering company, and also happens to be a dab hand with professional fireworks - always handy on Bonfire Night!

Term of Office: June 2023

Committe memberships: Vice Chair Finance (HSW) Committee


Mr Peter Eason (Parent Governor)

Mr Eason has joined the Governing Body in Autumn 2018, and has expressed an interest in the development of the wider curriculum.

Term of Office: September 2022

Committe memberships: Learning and Achievement


Mr Alistair Cameron (Parent Governor)

Mr Cameron joined the Governing Body in January 2020

Term of Office: Dec 2024

Committe memberships: Learning and Achievement, Premises

Mrs Albery (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs Albery joined the Governing Body in January 2020. She has extensive professional experience in Special Educational Needs in schools.

Term of Office: Dec 2024

Committe memberships: SEND Governor


Mrs Yaxley (Co-opted Governor)

Mrs Albery joined the Governing Body in January 2023. For the last twenty years she has built up her knowledge in the commercial sector. She has two children at Mellis. In her spare time she is often spotted in theatres, near giraffes, in flower beds, planking, or with her head in a book. Sarah’s interests as governor are for all things theatrical, with an emphasis on English, and the psychological well-being of everyone in and around the school. 

Term of Office: Jan 2027

Committe memberships: tba


Mrs Kelly Floyd (Staff Governor)

Mrs Floyd has worked at Mellis as our Year 2 teacher for her five years, and in a moment of madness decided to make the jump to year 5 and then year 6 and governorship in one fell swoop! Famed for her organisational skills, she is also responsible for English and Assessment within the School, as well as being its inestimable Deputy Head!

Term of Office: September 2022

Committe memberships Learning and Achievement Committee.

Paul Ryle

Mr Paul Ryle (Headteacher Governor)

Paul has been a governor at Mellis for the best part of 15 years, and has seen the school grow from four to seven classrooms during that time. He is also the headmaster, for his sins. When not obsessing about aircraft in general, he divides his time between his family and school . . and that's about all there's time for!

Term of Office: until death or resignation, whichever comes first.

Committee memberships: All

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