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The Teaching Assistants of Mellis Primary School

The TA team!


A vital part of the school.

Mellis has had a long history of extensive T.A. support in school, choosing very early on to invest in providing dedicated T.A.s in each classroom. As a result, Mellis children have benefited from the huge advantage of having two adults within the classroom that know them extremely well, a fact that enhances both their academic and pastoral support.

Mellis has also invested in a high degree of professional training for its T.A.s, which has enabled them to make significant contributions to the development of the children in their care, and the school as a whole. Their roles are as diverse as they are vital; here is a not-necessarily-exhaustive list of the various tasks and responsibilities that fall within their remit:

Pastoral care for the children of each class;

Targeted academic support within lesson time;

Provision of maths and English 'booster groups';

Assistance in assessment and lesson feedback;

Provision of Speech and Language interventions

Provision of Emotional Resilience intervention

Administrative functions in support of the class teacher;

Cover supervisor roles in the absence of the class teacher;

Playtime supervision, including 1st Aid

Assistance in the organisation and execution of class trips;

Support for various class open evenings;

Liasing with parents as part of SEN provision;

Library and Topic Box Co-ordination

Musical support during assemblies and concerts;

Take part in Continuing Professional Development in accordance with the needs of the class and the school.

Mellis T.A.s also make significant contributions via their particular interests and skill sets. For example, one of our TAs is now our French Instructor, whilst another is our PE Instructor. Two TAs are leading the School's Emotional Intervention Programme, two run the Library, and others contribute significantly to phonics, art and the School's drama provision.

All in all, a key asset for the school!




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