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Online Safety at Mellis Primary School

Being Safe Online

The Internet and digital technology has revolutionised education over the last decade, and this trend is set to accelerate. Our key challenge is to harness these opportunities for learning whilst ensuring our children, parents and staff are aware of the potential risks.

Please see below to review the school's policy on Online-Safety. 

You may also find this advice useful when discussing the subject of Online Safety with your child.

Your child has access to an Online Safety Community Page on their Learning Platform homepages.

You may also be interested to know that the School is significantly advancing its ability to monitor its internet filtering abilities in line with the most recent Keeping Children Safe in Education recommendations. The School is currently implementing the Smoothwall filtering and monitoring application which uses AI and human analysis to identify inappropriate or dangerous searches online on school equipment. This will increase our awareness of possible issues and our ability to positive address them.

Online Safety Documents

Safer Online Gaming

Surveys within our School show an ever greater amount of online gaming taking place. Whilst great fun, there are things that can be done to make it much safer.

Click on this image to take you to the StaySafeOnline website, which has a range of tips and ideas for safer Online gaming.



Need help now?

If you are concerned about sommething that has happedned to you or your child online, then you can report this to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Website (CEOP). Click on this image to take you to the right page of the CEOP website.

Digital Parenting Magazine from Vodaphone

The Vodaphone Company publish an excellent guide to supporting your child with their Online Safety.

Please click here to go to their website, or click the picture below to download a PDF of their Digital Parenting magazine.


How can I find out more?

Involving Parents and Pupils in Online Safety

As a result of feedback from previous surveys, the School has started a series of occasional email updates on different online safety issues: recent ones include:

  • guidance on age recommendations for social media networks
  • awareness on social media elements of popular games
  •  the effect of adult online habits on children's online habits

Please click on these links below to find out more on keeping safe online.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Website (CEOP)

childnet logo - Center for Child Counseling


Digizen Website

BBC Stay Safe


Advice on Facebook Privacy Settings



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