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The PE/Sport Initiative

Sports Premium


Sports Premium Allocation 2022-2023

This year the Sports Premium budget is £17,430.This will allow the school to continue to invest in equipment and expertise,  as well as ensuring the continuation of specialist weekly sports sessions delivered by our Sports Instructor, Mr Ian Caulder.

We also plan on continuing to develop the skills of our staff through spending part of the funding on courses and training.

Moving forward, the premium will also help support the cost of for two year groups  to receive swimming instruction for one full term each year. 

For a more detailled breakdown of costings please see the Funding Plan to the right.

Inter Pyramid Sports Competitions

The School makes considerable efforts to attend as many external fixtures as possible, and to support the various sports competitions with clubs and pre-tournament training. For the impact of the sports provision within School, please click here to go to the PE and Sports News page to learn more.

Our Sports Captains for 2022-2023

Our Sports Captains for 2022-23!


PE Development Plans and Impact Reviews

This academic year we are going for our Platinum Sports Mark! We' re really excited by this, so watch this space!

Please see below for the latest Development Plans and Impact Reviews.

How the improvements will be sustainable in the future?

The School is keen to use the Sports Premium money to properly embed skill sets within the school, and of course to improve outcomes for children! The School has invested heavily in training for our PE instructor, additional equipment, as well as securing swimming lessons for  We are also two KS2 year groups. We are working even more closely with Hartismere High School to enhance the opportunities they offer as a specialist sports school.

Improving outcomes for children, and securing long term benefits.

Introducing our very own 'In House' Sports Instructor, Mr Ian Caulder

Mr L Caulder

Mr Caulder has extensive experience in sports and PE teaching at both middle and primary level. He has even participated in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics! We look forward to utilising his skills and enthusiasm in continuing to develop sports and PE at Mellis.

Swimming Stats

Year 6 Stats and Figures

What percentage of our year 6 pupils are able to?

- swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres 

Year 6 cohort 2021-2022 = 96%

Year 6 cohort 2019-2020 = 96%

- use a range of strokes effectively

Year 6 cohort 2021-2022 = 96%

Year 6 cohort 2019-2020 = 96%

-perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations

Year 6 cohort 2021-2022 = 96%

Year 6 cohort 2019-2020 = 96%

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