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A History of Mellis School Council

Achievements 2013-2014


Each term the School Council Sets three targets that they are going to work on. Here are some of the things that they have been doing this year.

1) To look at introducing a school mascot.

The group looking at this have been working very hard and have asked students for their ideas. They found an outfit and then looked at different ways to raise money. They decided to try something different and held an art exhibition in school. All of the art work was to an excellent standard and some of it can still be seen displayed around the school. In the Autumn, it will be decided how to spend the money that was raised and introduce the new mascot.


  • 2) To introduce a playground patrol.

Bibs have been ordered. An overview of the role has been written and several children signed up to become the playground patrol. This had a trial run. After this it has been decided that in the Autumn term a playground patrol will be set up and run independently from the school council.


  • 3) To organise and host an event to raise money.

It was decided to join together two national fundraising days and raise money for two charities. Number day and Christmas jumper day. £115 pounds was raised to share between NSPCC and Save the Children.


  • 4)Introduce a top table at lunchtimes and link to the Golden Book. It was decided not to link this with the Golden Book, but for staff to choose 1 person from each class to sit at the table with a friend each week. This will be started in September.


  •     5)To look at introducing House Captains and looking at Names of Houses. After a lot of discussion within the council meetings and consultation with classes. It was decided that children from Year 6 would stand for election for each house in September. There will be a boy and girl from each house, (this is independent from the Head boy/ Girl). There will be a house noticeboard and more events will be arranged for houses to take part in.


The School Council wrote an invitation to Sarah Carter, from Mid Suffolk District Council to come in and give her Environment and Litter presentation. She was extremely pleased to be invited in. Part of the presentation was a competition to design the side of the van. Congratulations to Emily Partridge and Flynn Bobby who have been given special awards.


The Council was also extremely professional with its conduct during the Head Teacher interviews. They created a very good list of questions and were able to ask them in a very mature fashion. They made a very good impression to all involved in the interviews.


Well done to all the Members of the School Council. 



school council

Achievements 2014-15


The New School Council was elected. The members for the year are representives from Class 2 to Class 6

  1. To purchase and organise the use of equipment for the playground only. A cake sale was held which raised over £200, along with other funding we have purchased a range of equipment that can be used on the playground. This will be put into place by the Playground Patrol in September
  2. To look at decorating the toilets, possibly around a theme. This is a very big project. Discussions have taken place with the Head Teacher. The boys toilets have been refurbished and discussions continue to take place as to how decoration of both girls and boys toilets can continue to be improved.
  3. To have a menu on display in the Lunch hall so that options are known. We have been in contact with eats catering and have had discussions about what they have available. The council are now putting together their own resources for their own menu display. We will keep in contact with eats as the idea of a visual menu has been passed along to their business department.

During the Autumn term fund raising for Save the Children was organised and £144 pounds was raised. 

4) To introduce Sports Captains and give out a Sportsmanship award in KS1 and KS2 each half term. This was successfully implemented.

5) To improve the look and use of the corridors with the implementation of lockers. This is something that will continue to be looked into and dicussed with the management of the school.

Carried out and conducted a questionnaire with pupils about what they liked and would like to see improved within the school. This will feed into future projects for the school and School Council.


Achievements 2016-2017

—To look at how to use the quiet area as a quiet area and looking creating a permanent hide. A meeting has taken place with Mr Ryle and it was decided that the existing shed in the quiet area can be used as a hide, this target is continuing this term.
—To work with House Captains and Sports Captains to introduce inter-house competitions. This was a idea that was liked by the school and so it is going to be taken further to see if a competition can be put into place for the summer term.
—To introduce a School Newspaper, where each class produces a page to show what they have been doing over the term .It was an  idea that was liked and it was thought practical, however it needs more than the School Council to actually get it up and running.
—To design and plan for a hide in the quiet area. This has been adapted as the existing shed was taken down. Fundraising is going to take place to buy a new purpose built hide.

Achievements 2015-2016

The results of a Two stars and a Wish survey was given to the School Council. It identified Key areas that the School Council could focus on in the coming year.

Fund raising this year included £194.90 for Children in Need and £95.50 for Save the Children 

To find out whether pupils would prefer house names to house colours. Many suggestions were made. This is something that furture councils may wish to look at.

—To look at introducing a whole school spelling challenge. This idea was discussed and needs following up by staff as part of literacy.

—To plan and carry out an assembly. The School Council worked with Rev Julia Lall to plan and carry out several assemblies during the year.

To open a School Stationery Shop. All the planning and ideas have been put in place. It was decided that this might be a good enterprise idea for Year 6 to set up and run.


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