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Class 3 (Magpies)

Topics for the Autumn Term

  • Literacy:- Ug Boy Genius of the Stone age, Stone Age Boy, Stone Age Sentinel
  • Maths:- Number and Place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurment, shape and statistics.
  • Science:- Forces and Magnets and Light
  • History:- Pre- Historic Britain
  • Geography:- Rainforests, biomes and vegetation belts
  • Art:- Printing
  • DT:- Sewing, Trousers for UG
  • PSHE:- New Beginnings, Local Community
  • French:- Moi
  • RE;- Christanity and the Individual
  • PE:- Football, Rugby, gymnastics and Dance.
  • Computing:- Using Technology Safely

The Year 3 Team!

Gemma and Andra

Welcome to Class 3

Mini Mission Statement

Year 3 marks the beginning of key stage two, a time when the children are encouraged to develop their independence both in the classroom and within everyday life. Driving this through the promotion of enthusiasm, resilience and confidence, we aim to inspire children to take ownership of their learning, embrace each challenge and celebrate their success!

Autumn Term Events.

Please see School Calendar for dates.

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