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''We strive to provide a broad and varied cultural experience for all''

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Our Promise

At Mellis Primary School we pride ourselves in our ability to give all our students a broad and varied culture experience. From Bollywood dancing to world percussion day and European Breakfasts, we endevour to give each child a rich cultural experience throughout their education and time with us.


Bollywood Dancing!

In the Autumn term the whole school enjoyed a visit form a Bollywood teacher. We learnt about the art of Bollywood dancing, the traditional dress that they wear, and listened to some of the music that they produce. We practiced and performed an entire dance routine with Miss Corke showing her skills on the stage! The KS2 classes were also shown how to write their names in Hindi and we discussed the importance of decoration in written work. A fabulous experience for all!

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World Percussion Day

This term the whole school had the opportunity to experience and try lots of different percussion instruments. We tried different types of drums, keyboards, woodwind intruments and other percussion instruments, and even got the chance to play a 'sound machine'!

Take a look at our pictures to see the sorts of things we did.


French Breakfast

In February KS2 were invited to come to school early and enjoy a French breakfast. We had croissants, pain au chocolate and other pastries as well as juices and hot chocolate. We talked about the differences between our own breakfasts and theirs, and we all had a great time trying new things. Watch this space as we are now planning other continental breakfasts for both KS1 and KS2.

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Medieval Musician

During Magna Carta week we were treated to a visit from a medieval musician! We learnt all about the types of instruments around in Medieval times, as well as how to play them. The minstrel talked about which countries the instruments came from as well as how they were played.

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